Lounge chair

Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair

アイテムナンバー: HY-A030
The Arne Jacobsen 3320 Swan chair is an emblem of Scandinavian design. In this model Arne Jacobsen eliminated all straight lines and only used curves which produced an impression of lightness and comfort.
Arne Jacobsen was highly skilled at bringing elements of nature into his designs. As the name implies, the Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair is inspired by the majestic beauty of a swan. Rather than straight lines, there are only delightful curves and contours that offer comfort and support. Our Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair is handmade from the finest quality premium leather or cashmere wool. It features a chrome steel support and brushed aluminium swivel base. There is a wide choice of colours and each can come either with piping or without. Our VOGA Swan Chair replica furniture version does not come with a return function.